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Things to Know About E-Cigarettes and Vapors


Unlike traditional cigarette, newer version of e-cigarettes and vapors have given people the capacity to choose from different flavors which are readily available. Additionally, these kinds of cigarettes do not expire after usage since they are easily refilled.


Surprisingly, these electronic cigarette have brought in 200 more flavors and some flavors such as chocolate which are appealing to many people. SO whatever favor you want to enjoy there are there for you.


Importantly, e-cigarettes from electronic in pakistan allow you to easily switch to e juice and e liquid flavors. Therefore, if you have a good desire for sweet things this is the place for you. Unlike tobacco, they are easily available and cheap for anyone who would want to buy it.


Nonetheless, it should be noted that switching from traditional tobacco to e-cigarettes does not lead to improved health. His is because tobacco is still tobacco no matter the form it is presented in. However, the following are the benefits of electronic smoking over traditional one.


  1. Lack Color

E-cigarettes do not have any specific color. In fact, since they come in different flavors they allow you to choose the most suitable flavor for you. In addition, they do not have any smoke produced which helps reduce passive smoking which is caused by tobacco.


Furthermore, unlike cigarettes they do not have burning tar or chemicals which cause them to smell that way. However, for e-cigarettes and vapor they do not have a bad smell due to the numerous flavors they have.


  1. Cheap but of Great Quality

As compared to traditional cigarettes, they are much cheaper to buy. In fact, when they end just need to be refilled and one is good to go. However, this is as a result of taxes because over time the government has increased taxes when it comes to cigarettes. Nonetheless, as of now there aren't any policies that govern the rules of e-cigarettes.


  1. Health Reasons

You cannot compare either of the cigarettes because with traditional cigarettes they worsen your health even more as compared to electronic ones.


As for traditional cigarettes they have litany chemicals which cause more harm than good in the body of the users. As for electronic cigarettes they have liquids.


In additional, traditional cigarettes are considered as to cause cancer due to such emission of chemicals. Statistics show that many of the people have actually loved using the newer electronic cigarettes than traditional ones.


These are some of the important advantages electronic cigarettes have.